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  1. Accepting Credit Card Payment For a Registration or Open Balance

  2. Accepting Donations

  3. Accepting Non Credit Card Payment for a Registration or Open Balance

  4. Accepting Payments Outside of the System

  5. Accessing the Provider Dashboard

  6. Add | Edit | Delete Place

  7. Add Another Registration

  8. Adding a Pre-K Child to Your Family Account

  9. Adding Charge to Existing Registration

  10. Adding Coaches, Managers or Other Staff to a Team

  11. Adding Volunteer Opportunities and Positions

  12. Adding your Bank Account

  13. Adding your Logo

  14. Adding Your Team Email (Distribution List) Address to Your Contact

  15. Assigning Registrants to a Team (aka Rostering Players)

  16. Assigning Volunteers to a Team (aka Staff Teams)

  17. athletechs Admin Permission Granted Email Notification

  18. athletechs Email Notifications

  19. athletechs Volunteer Background Check and Concussion Certification Tracking

  20. Best Practices

  21. Best Practices for Setting Up Your Organization

  22. Can I Pay With Cash or Check?

  23. Cancel Registration

  24. Changing Your Location

  25. Checkout Payment Page is Blank

  26. Cloning an Existing Registration Period

  27. Closing Out a Registration Period

  28. Collecting Additional Fees

  29. Combo Discounts

  30. Communication Center Overview

  31. Concussion Certification Training & Reporting

  32. Contacting athletechs Customer Care

  33. Contacting My Coach or Team Administrator

  34. Copying or Cloning a Registration Period

  35. Correcting the Age or Grade of Registered Participants

  36. Create Team

  37. Creating / Setting Up a New Registration

  38. Creating a Fundraising Campaign

  39. Creating a Team

  40. Creating an Account and Registering for the First Time

  41. Creating and Linking Your WePay Account

  42. Creating and Verifying Your athletechs Provider Account

  43. Dealing with Attachments

  44. Discount Codes

  45. District 198 Boundary Report

  46. Drop-Down List Does Not Work

  47. Drop-down Lists Don't Work on My Account

  48. eConsents

  49. Editing Additional Player Information (Jersey, Position)

  50. Eligibility Waivers

  51. Email Delivery Report

  52. Emailing, Texting, or Calling Your Team [Video]

  53. Event Details & Availability [Video]

  54. Event Reminders

  55. Event Sign Up Dashboard Overview

  56. Forgot your Username or Password?

  57. Funding Account Overview

  58. Funding Account Report

  59. Gathering Information Information First

  60. Granting Administrative Rights (aka Permissions or Privilege)

  61. Handling Refund Requests

  62. Handling Scholarship Requests

  63. Handling Waiting List Requests

  64. How can I be sure my registration was completed?

  65. How do I change my volunteer interests?

  66. How do I Check if I Have a Concussion Certification or Background Check On File?

  67. How do I complete a survey

  68. How do I Make Sure I am Signing Up for the Right Program?

  69. How do I subscribe to the Game Plan newsletter?

  70. How do I volunteer after I register?

  71. How do I volunteer as part of an online registration

  72. How to Change the Footer on the Website

  73. How to Create and Upload Email Lists

  74. How to Email All Registered Participants

  75. How to email Coaches and Other Volunteers Only

  76. How to Email Volunteers

  77. How to Embed Images in Email Communications

  78. How to Link to Documents such as PDFs and Google Docs

  79. How to Post an Update on the Home Page

  80. How to Sync Your athletechs Schedule (iCal) with your Android Phone or Tablet

  81. How to Sync Your athletechs Schedule (iCal) with your iPhone or Apple Device

  82. How to Sync Your athletechs Schedule (iCal) with your Smart Phone

  83. How to Update a Program Page

  84. How to Update Locations on Your athletechs Website

  85. How to Update the Directory Page

  86. How to update the Feature Image of an Article

  87. How to Update the Main Menu on your Website

  88. How to Update Your Provider Information

  89. How to use Email Statistics to confirm who received your email and who didn't

  90. How to Void a Registration

  91. Inactivating or "Shutting Down" Registrations

  92. Incomplete Registrations

  93. Invoices, Open Balance Reminders and Open Balance Report

  94. Is My Credit Card Safe?

  95. Issuing a Refund

  96. Key Concepts of an Online Registration Period

  97. League Events and Availability

  98. Linking to your Google Calendar

  99. Logging In To My WePay Account

  100. Membership Validation and Reports Such as US Lacrosse

  101. Multi Registration Discounts

  102. My Account - Updating Your Account Password, Mailing Address, and Emergency Contact, Contact Information, and Account Profiles

  103. My Registrations - View Schedule

  104. My Schedule & Event Notification Preferences [Video]

  105. My Teams Overview

  106. Need Help?

  107. Non-Technical Questions such as scholarship, and who, what, when, where...

  108. Not getting Emails? Update Your Roster Information & Notification Preferences [Video]

  109. Overview of My Registrations

  110. Overview of Team Builder

  111. Overview of the athletechs WebPresence Theme

  112. Overview of the Document Library

  113. Overview of the Volunteer Process from the Volunteer’s Perspective

  114. Overview of Waiting Lists

  115. Overview Team Checklist [Video]

  116. Part 1 - The Dashboard

  117. Payment Methods

  118. Posting to Facebook

  119. Posting to the Registration Flyer

  120. Posting to Twitter

  121. Posting to WebPresence

  122. Pricing

  123. Provider and Registration Email Settings and Notifications

  124. Provider Listing

  125. Publishing Rosters

  126. Quick Checkout Page is not supported on IE 7

  127. Recent Registrations Tab

  128. Registering with an Invite Code

  129. Registration Flyer

  130. Registration Form Questions Such as Shirt Size and School Name

  131. Registration Period Financial Reports

  132. Registration Period Report Center

  133. Registration Period Reports

  134. Registration Period Volunteers Reports

  135. Registrations Dashboard Overview

  136. Releasing Registrants from a Team

  137. Releasing Volunteers from a Team

  138. Removing A Person Profile

  139. Request Center Overview

  140. Request Submission Confirmation Notification Emails

  141. Requesting a Refund

  142. Requesting a Scholarship (VIDEO)

  143. Searching for a Profile or Registration

  144. Setting Up the Registration Period

  145. Setting Up Your Organization's Policies

  146. Share Event Details, Driving Directions and Scores with Friends and Family!

  147. Share Team Page Access

  148. Sharing Events & Updating Scores [Video]

  149. Submitting a Background Check Authorization

  150. Subscribing and Unsubscribing to athletechs Email Updates

  151. Third-Party Integrations

  152. Unable to Submit Payment

  153. Understanding a Registration Period Tab

  154. Understanding Registration Statuses

  155. Understanding Reserves

  156. Understanding the Dashboard

  157. Understanding the Registration Flyer

  158. Understanding the Registration Period Editor

  159. Understanding the Registration Wizard

  160. Updating My Registration

  161. Updating the Registration Deadline and Close Date

  162. Updating your Player's Availability

  163. Using Invite Codes to Manage Walk-Ons

  164. Using Invites to Manage Late Registrations

  165. Using Social Links to Help Spread The Word!

  166. Verifying WePay Accounts

  167. View/Edit Registration Overview

  168. Volunteer Center Overview

  169. Waiting List Request Approved, Register Now!

  170. Webinars

  171. Website Alerts

  172. Weekly Game Plan [Video]

  173. Welcome to athletechs!

  174. Welcome to the Team [Video]

  175. What if I don’t complete my Registration?

  176. Whitelist athletechs

  177. Withdrawing Funds

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