Updating My Registration

I recently completed a registration but need change some information I provided such as comments, answers to custom questions such as uniform size, etc.

To update a registration go to "My Registrations" (see screenshot below).  If registration updates are enabled, you will see an "Update Registration" link next to the registration.  Simply click on this link to update the registration.  

If registration updates are not enabled you will see a "View Registrations" link allowing you to view your registration.  In this case you will need to click on the "Contact" link and email the administrator your change request.

Other things to consider:
  • All registration updates are subject to the review and approval of the program administrator.  
  • You cannot update registrant information such as DOB or grade.  Changes to gender and age may result in placement in different age groups and different fees.  Please use the Contact link to email the program administrator to request corrections or updates to profile information.  
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration change request.
  • If the changes have financial implications (i.e. increase or decrease in cost) the program administrator will add an additional charge or issue a refund accordingly.  
  • A link to these instructions are also included at the bottom of your registration receipt email confirmation.  

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