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Adding Charge to Existing Registration

There are several scenarios where you may wish to add a charge to an existing registration:

  • Tournament Fees

  • Coaching Fees

  • Uniform Fees

  • Ice Fees

Within athletechs, you can enter these charges via the Charges action associated with the Registration on the Provider Dashboard.  

When you access Adding Charge to Existing Registration, you are presented with a table containing all the Active registrations.  

You are able to sort the registrations by name, age group, team, status or balance.

You can filter the registrations by name.

For the registrations where an additional charge is to be created, enter the charge amount in the amount column.

After entering all the additional charges, you can click on the Save button.  When you click on Save, athletechs will generate a new invoice for the registration and send an email to the registrant.  The registrants can then submit payment via the link (details provided within the email.)

All charges entered will result in the registration going into a Balance Due state until the charge is successfully collected.  The Open Balance report within the Report Center indicates all registrations with a balance due and can be used to track collections.

Payment Due Reminders

To email registrants with an outstanding balance, go to the Communication Center and draft an email reminder.  Do not specify the amount due or any personal information.  All that is required is a generic link to prompting the user to sign in to their account to make the payment.

Double-check the recipient count matches the count count on the Open Balance Report.  If the counts do not match double-check your selection criteria.

The following is the email anyone with an Balance Due will receive.  

Here is what the recipient will see when they click the link above and sign into their account.

Payment Plans

If you wish to allow for the amount to be collected in installments (payment plans), you can enter the number of monthly payments to spread the amount over.  athletechs will automatically generate a new charge and email the registrant each 30 days. The first installment will be due immediately.

For example, if the Tournament Fees to be collected are $500 and you are allowing this to be spread over 5 months, you would enter $500 in the amount field and 5 from the drop down list for number of payments.  athletechs will create a payment plan for the registration and send an invoice for $100 to the registrant immediately for the first installment.  Then, each 30 days another invoice for $100 will be generated and sent automatically.

A report for Payment Plans within the Report Center is forthcoming.


  • Please note that registration periods with a large number of registrations may take a little while to process and send all the additional invoices.  

  • The View Registration page has the option to add an additional charge to an individual registration, this will more than likely be removed in the future in favor of this new page.

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