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Eligibility Waivers

Eligibility waivers allow participant who are not eligible to participate due to eligibility rules apply for a waiver.

When the system informs the registrant that they are not eligible.  They are able to request a waiver.

This waiver is handled via the Request Center in the administrator's dashboard.  

Here's how the process works:

(1) When the registrant attempts to register, they will be shown the family members who are invalid (same as before the change).  However, now they are presented with an option to request an eligibility waiver.  The registrant provides a reason why they are requesting the waiver.

(2) The eligibility waivers appear on the Request Dashboard (the same location where you approve scholarships, requests, etc).  They appear in the “Eligibility Waiver Requests” section at the bottom.  

(3) When you approve the eligibility waiver, you need to indicate which age group the registrant should be placed into.  This sends an email to the registrant.  

(4) The registrant simply needs to now complete the registration as normal.  They will be placed into (and charged for) the age group that indicated when the waiver was approved.  

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