Registration Period Reports

Registration Period based reports displaying registration related information.  

Most of the column are self-explanatory on the Registration Period Reports are self-explanatory.  

The Registration Status column lists the status of the registration such as Complete, Balance Due, Pending Refund Request, etc.

Registration Form Questions such as “Shirt Size” will appear as columns.  NOTE:  If you add a Registrant Custom Question after creating a custom registration report you will need to go back and add the column to the report.

The Position column displays the Volunteer Needs.

Registration (Summary) Report

To run the “canned” Registration (Summary) Report click on the “PDF Registration Report” or “Excel Registration Report”.  The Registration Summary report lists the Registration Invoice and Registration Date, Status, Registrant, Age, Age Group, Contact Information, and Team.

Creating Custom Registration Reports

Detailed Registration Report

To create a Detailed Registration Report containing all of the registration information available, click the “Design New Report” button from the Registration Report Center.  This will bring up the Report Template Editor.  From the Report Template Editor, name the report something descriptive like “Detailed Registration Report”, click the select all button to move all the columns form Available to the the “Selected”, and click Save.

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