How to Embed Images in Email Communications

In order to embed an image in a communication you need to the URL of the image.  To find the URL of the image right mouse on the image from a browser and select "Copy Image URL" from the menu.

If you received the image as an attachment in a email or if it is on your local computer you will need to upload the image first as described in the steps below.

To embed images in Email communications:
  1. From the Registrations Dashboard click on "Communication Center" from the Actions droplist of the Registration Period.
  2. Select "Create New Communication"
  3. To upload an image select the "Attachments/Media" media tab...
    a) Click the "Choose" button at the bottom of the page.
    b) Select the image from your computer and click "Upload"
    c) Click the "Preview" link of the copy the URL of the image
  4. Click on the Message tab
  5. Select the "Embed Image" icon on the menu bar and paste the URL of the image.

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