Waiting List Request Approved, Register Now!

When you complete your waiting list request you will receive both an email notification confirming that you have been added to the waiting list and the waiting list request will appear on the "Open Requests" tab of the My Registrations page with a status of (Pending).

You will be notified via email when your request is approved or denied. 

If approved, you still need to register! 

To complete your registration
sign into your athletechs account, click on My Registrations and click on the "Open Requests" tab. 

Waiting List requests will appear as "Waiting List for Program X (Approved)".  Click on the "View Flyer" link and then on the "Register Now" button.  The "Select Registrant" page will be displayed.  Click on the "Waiting List Accepted, Register Now" button and compete the registration.

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