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View/Edit Registration Overview

As an administrator you can view and update registrations or allow participants to update their own registrations.

As an example you may want to update a participant's registration information such as school, shirt size or assign volunteers.

Participants can Update their Registrations?

Allowing participants to update their registrations is turned off by default.  But as an administrator you can toggle this by selecting YES or NO to the “Participants can Update their Registrations” prompt on the Registration Period Editor.  If this prompt is set to yes participants will see an Update Registration link on their My Registrations page allowing them to update their registration information themselves.  If set to no, then they will see a “View Registration” link and will only be able to view their registration.

Other things to consider....

  • You can allow participant to update their registration until a certain point in your registration process and then "lock" the registrations.  For example you probably don't want to allow participants to change their shirt size once you submit your order for t-shirt.
  • Using the comments field is a flexible and simple way to capture additional information.  For example, if you forgot to ask participants for their shirt size during registrations, you could email all registered participants asking them to update the comments section of their registration with their shirt size.
  • You can also add additional registration questions and then email all registered participants asking that they update their registration with the required information. 
  • Both the participant and the administrator receive an email notification of registration changes made listing both the old value and new value.
  • All registration updates a subject to the review and approval of the program administrator.

For more information see Updating My Registration for more information.

View/Edit Registrations

As an administrator you can update anyone’s registration information.

To view or edit a registration, sign into your athletechs Admin account.  From the Provider Dashboard click on the registration count link for the registration period and then click the invoice number of the registration you want to view or edit.

From the View/Edit Registration page you can issue a refund, add a charge, submit credit card payment, receive non credit card payment, or cancel a registration.


The Registrant section displays the registrant information such as name, date of birth, gender, grade, and Team Assignment.


The Registration section displays registration information such as invoice number, status, registration date, and age group.

See Understanding Registration Statuses for more information on the various registration statuses.  

Registration Questions

This section displays the registration questions and answers.  To edit the answers just click on the underlined answer.

Registration Information

The registration Information section displays answers to Comments, Medical Concerns, and Emergency Contact information provided during the registration.  

Volunteer Interests

The Volunteer Interests section displays any volunteer opportunities the registrant signed up for.  As an administrator you can click the “Add Volunteer” button to add volunteer interest on behalf of the registrant.


The Transactions section at the bottom of the page displays the transaction details.  

The first row in the Transaction table is the “Registration Fee”.  The status of this transaction is either “Complete” or “Void”.  If a registrant closes their browser or signing out of athletechs during a registration on the "Pay Balance" balance page without providing payment, this will be the only transaction listed.  Please see Incomplete Registrations for more details.

An additional items that have been added to the user’s cart as part of this registration will also appear with the dollar amount due.

Payments will appear with a description of “Payment (checkout ID)” that will tie out to a WePay payment.

Payment statuses include “Complete” and “Pending”.  Payment status of “Pending” have provided payment details, however, the payment has not cleared.  Registrations may stay in this status for up to 48 hours.

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