How to Update a Program Page

Program Pages

Editing a Program Page is similar to updating any other page or post except that Program Pages conform to a different template to ensure consistent format ensuring visitors browsing program pages of your site can easily find key information that they are looking for such as Program Dates, Contact Information, Age Requirements, and Key Dates.  

Each program has a Program Administrator Account and corresponding Program Page.  The Website Administrators has access to update all program pages, but Program Administrators only have access to their Program Page..

To update your Program Page:
  1. sign into with your Program Administrator email address and password.
  2. Click on Program
  3. Edit your Program Page as outlined below.
  4. Click Update
Please note the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.option by clicking the "View Program" menu option.

Free Form Content

At the top of the Program Template there is an free form text area that programs can use to customize and add sections that do not appear below.

Required Content

The program template has required content such as program dates and contact information.  Required content headings are postfixed with a * and must be filled out in order to save the program.

Visible on the front-end?

Some sections have a "Visible on the front-end?" checkbox.  If this box is check the content in the section below will be displayed on the front-end.  If the box is unchecked the content in the section will not be displayed.

Related Pages

The Related Pages section allows for adding of related pages to the right column of the program page.  Just search for the page and click add.  To remove pages from the related pages section just click the (-) that appears when hovering over the selected pages on the right of the table.

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