Website Alerts

Posting an alert such as an event cancellation is just like any other post or article with the exception that "alerts" must have the category Alert selected.  Categorizing a post as an "Alert" will display the post at the top of every page on the website until midnight and then be cleared.

To post an Alert:
  1. sign into
  2. Click on Add Post
  3. Provide a title and content
  4. Check category "Alert"
  5. Optionally set the Post Expiration Date.
  6. Click Publish 
Please see Creating a New Post and Using Categories and Tags for more information.

  • You do not need to edit access to the home page to post an alert.
  • Posts can be categorized under multiple categories. 
  • Alerts
Q)  Will alerts still appear under "Recent Posts"?
Maybe, depending on how the Post Widget is configured.  If the Post Widget is configured to display the Alert category or ALL categories, then the alert will appear. 

Q)  Why isn't my alert displaying:
  • Ensure that the article is published.
  • Ensure the article is categorized as "Alert"
  • Ensure that the publish date is the current date.  Alerts are cleared at midnight.

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