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Creating / Setting Up a New Registration

Whether you setup registrations yourself (DIY) or have an athletechs Registration Specialist set up registrations for you, the process is essentially the same.  You’ll want to set up the registration, have others review the information, and then activate the registration.  Once activated people can start registering and you can start promoting it.


Online Registration Setup 

Please see Understanding the Registration Period Editor for more information on how to use the Registration Period Editor to create, edit, or clone (i.e. copy) a registration.

If you choose to have your Registration Specialist set up registrations for you, simply email your registration information in any format to

Reviewing  Your Registration

Whether you have a Registration Specialist set up your registration or you do it yourself it is a good idea to have others review the dates and information prior to activating the registration.  If an athletechs Registration Specialist set up the registration for you a designated administrator of your organization will need to review and "click activate" before anyone will be allowed to register.

Please see Understanding the Registration Period Editor for more information on how to create and edit a registration period.
  • Review the Registration Flyer, double-check all dates, eligibility rules and fees, and test any links your abstract.
  • Review registration form questions such as shirt size, school name, etc.
  • Review volunteer needs if any such as coach, assistant coach, etc.
  • Review Registration Email Settings and Notifications

Activating Your Registration

Once your organization has reviewed the registration you will need to “Activate” the registration before anyone will be able to register.  

To activate the registration set Active=YES from the Registration Period Editor.  Once activated registrations will open on the open date and Public registrations will appear in the Registration Directory on the athletechs home page.  A registration can be closed or “shut down” and “re-opened” at any time by setting Active to YES or NO.Registrations Now Open!

Once a registration has been activated athletechs provides several means to ensure everyone is in the loop and aware “Registrations are NOW OPEN!”

Managing Participants

Once registrations open you’ll start receiving email notifications regarding scholarships, refunds, and other requests.   

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