Using Invite Codes to Manage Walk-Ons

It is common to close registrations prior to the start of the event or season to allow administrators time to plan for the event.  But often people show up the day of the event who are not registered.  We call these "walk-ons".  Not only are walk-ons not paid, but they have not signed the liability release and other forms required to participate.

The easiest way to handle walk-ons is to have a computer, tablet or smartphone available at the check-in table that walk-ons can use to register.  All you need to do is provide registrants with the invite code.

If you do not have internet access at check-in then as a backup plan have them sign a legal release form and provide their email address and other contact information.  Then sign into and create an invite.

Please see Using Invites to Manage Late Registrations for more information.

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