How to Create and Upload Email Lists

athletechs automatically creates and maintains email lists of registrants and volunteers making it effortless to email administrators and participants.  But you may also want to create additional email distribution lists.  This is useful for administrators new to athletechs.

The following video provides an overview the Communication Center and how to create and upload Custom Email Distribution Lists.  

To create a custom distribution list:

  1. From the Communication Center click on "Create New Email List".  (See Communication Center Overview for information on how to access the Communication Center).
  2. To upload CSV of email addresses click on "Choose", select the CSV file and click "Upload"
  3. Enter an "Email List Name"
  4. Click Save
  • Be sure the email list is saved as a CSV file and not Excel or other spreadsheet format by opening or creating the file with a text editor as demonstrated in the video.
  • Be sure the first column of the file is address.
  • Be sure to click the "Save" button once you have successfully uploaded your email list to save the list
  • Be sure your email addresses don't have white space at the beginning or end.

Communication Center Updates from athletechs on Vimeo.

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