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How can I be sure my registration was completed?

You will receive an email receipt from athletechs confirming your registration.  You can also click on My Registrations and sign into your account to review all of you completed registrations.

Registrations with a status of “Processing Payment” have successfully completed the registration and payment details have been submitted.  However, the payment has not cleared.  Registrations may stay in this status for up to 48 hours following the registration.  Please see “Understanding Registration Statuses” for more information and a complete list of statuses.

In the event of a payment error such as non-sufficient funds and account closed you will receive an email notification from WePay informing you of the payment failure.

Due to security reasons, does not receive any information regarding the reason for the payment failure other than the fact that the payment failed.  If you receive a payment failure notification please try paying with a different credit card or contacting WePay for more information.

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