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Registering with an Invite Code

Once the the registration close date passes the program will no longer appear in the registration directory on the athletechs home page and the "Register" button is replaced with a prompt to enter an invite code.

If you have received an email requesting the you register with an invite code, click the link provided in the email, enter the invite code in the "Invite Code" prompt.  You will be prompted to sign in, sign in or click "Create Member Account" to create a new account and select or add a family member to register for the program and proceed through the registration process.  Please see "Creating an Account and Registering for the First Time" for more information on how to create an account.

Administrators need to send recipients both the link to the program and an invite code to register.  The program administrator will need to email the recipient the following information as part of the invite.

Administrators can use the following email template for inviting participants to register.

Hi Name,

You have been invited to participate in xxxxxx.  Please follow the steps below to register by MM/DD/YYYY.

You will need an athletechs account to register.  If you do not have an account go to and create an account.

To register, click or enter the URL below into your browser and enter the invite code and click go.  If the invite code is valid you will either be prompted to sign in.  Once signed in you will be presented with the registration.  Proceed through the registration process to complete your registration.

Program Name:

Invite code: x-xxxx


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