Non-Technical Questions such as scholarship, and who, what, when, where...

Please check the program page for answers to any non-technical questions such as event dates, eligibility rules, locations, directions, etc. 

If you do not find answers to your questions on the program flyer, calendar, or updates page please use the Contact link on the Provider Listing listed in the Provider Listing on the home page or on the program flyer to email the program administrator

For activities that you have already signed up for, click "My Registrations" and click the "Contact" link listed next to the registration.  You can also request a refund from the "My Registrations" page.

The administrator's phone number, mailing address, website, Facebook, and Twitter Id are also listed on the home page and on the flyer page.

Please use the "Need Help?" link at the bottom of the page for all technical issues and to access the athletechs knowledge base or email athletechs technical support.

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