Updating the Registration Deadline and Close Date

You must be the provider of the of the Online Registration Period or have been given Admin permissions to update the registration period.

To update the registration deadline (a.k.a. advertised close date) and or the close date (a.k.a. Hard Close Date) for a registration sign into athletechs using your Admin or Provider account and to to the registration dashboard.

The Registration Dashboard displays summary information for each of the Online Registration Periods including the Open, Deadline, and Close dates of the registration period and the status of the registration period.

From the Provider dashboardclick the registration period you want to update.  The Online Registration Period editor is displayed.  

NOTE:  The "Need Help?" link in the upper right corner of the Online Registration Period Editor.  This links to various help topics relevant to the Online Registration Period Editor such as this article.

The Deadline is what appears on the registration flyer as the "Deadline" for registering.  If you do not want anyone to register after the after the Deadline date passes, then set the Close date to the same date as the Deadline.   The Close date must be on or after the Deadline date.  Set the Close date to a date after the Deadline if you wish to continue to accept "late" registrations for a period of time.  

After the registration Close date passes you can still share the URL for the registration flyer but the registration flyer will no longer appear on the home page or the Open Registrations Feed and registrants will be required to enter an invite code to register.  See Using Invites to Manage Late Registrations for more information. 

The "Publish" indicator determines whether or not the flyer is public or private.  Flyers with Publish = No do not appear on the home page or Open Registrations Feed.  

Setting Active = No will ensure that nobody will be able to register, invite code or not, and regardless of registration deadline or close dates.

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