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Registration Flyer

The Registration Flyer is an electronic flyer that advertises and communicates key information to potential registrants.

The Registration Flyer is usually the first step in the Registration process.  

The Registration Flyer contains the following key information:

  • Registration Dates
  • Current Registration Status - Accepting Registrations or Closed
  • Activity Details
  • Eligibility Rules
  • Registration Fees
  • Key Dates / Schedule
  • Contact Information 
  • Refund Policy
  • Scholarship Policy

Providers using the athletechs Registration System to complete their registration often direct potential registrants to the Registration Flyer to start the registration process. 

The Registration Flyer contains a Register button for registrants to start the registration process.  

If the Registration Flyer indicates that it is closed, the registrants have the option of entering an Invite Code, if the administrator provides it, to allow registrants to continue with the registration process. 


Administrators may also post updates to the Registration Flyer.  This allows the Registration Flyer to serve as a single point to publish information for registrants even after they have completed the registration process. 

Once a registrant has completed a registration, there is a link to the Registration Flyer on the My Registrations page so it always just a click away. 

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