Using Invites to Manage Late Registrations

Once the the registration hard close date passes the Registration Period is closed, the Registration Flyer does not display in the registration directory on the home page, and the "Register" button on the flyer is replaced with a prompt to enter an invite code.   If a valid invite code is entered, the registrant will be allowed to continue with the registration. 

NOTE:  If the registration period is inactive (i.e. If "Active=NO") then no one will be allowed to register, invite code or not.  There will be no Register button and no prompt to enter an invite code on the registration flyer.

Recipients will need both the link to the flyer and the invite code to register with an invite code.  Both the link to the registration flyer and the global invite code can be found on the Registration Dashboard by clicking the little chain adornment next Registration Period name <<TODO Insert Image HERE>>.

Here is a sample email template that can be used to email invites:

1) The link to your registration flyer (
2) The invite code x-xxxx

The athletechs Registration System allows two types of invite codes:

  • Global Invite Code.  When the Registration Period was created, a global invite code was automatically generated for the Registration Period.  This invite code can be shared with registrants needing to register with an invite code.  The global invite code can be used more than once.

  • Unique Invite Codes.  Unique Invite Codes allow finer control over the distribution and usage of Invite Codes and can be used only once.  The Unique Invite Codes are created in the Request Center.  All you need is the email address of the recipient so the invite can be sent to them. You can track the redemption of the invite code via the Request Center.

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