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Multi Registration Discounts

Multi Registration Discounts allow for the athletechs Registration System to automatically apply a discount to a registration if the registrant's account has registered for one or more of the SAME registration. 

The most common usage of the Multi Registration Discount is Family Discounts where you are giving registrants a discount for each additional registration they complete.

For the multi registration discount to be correctly applied, it is important that the registrant use the same account to register for the registrations. 

To setup a Multi Registration Discount for a Registration Period, you select the Discount Center for the Registration Period from the Provider Dashboard. 

In the Multi Registration Discount section, you provide the tiers to calculate the discount. 

When setting up a Multi Registration Discount, you can provide choose from two calculation methods:  

  • Flat.  A certain dollar amount will be deducted (e.g. $15)
  • Percent.  Based on the balance of the invoice calculate the discount amount based on a percentage.  (e.g. 10% will give a $5 discount on a $50 registration)

In either case, the maximum discount given will be the balance due prior to calculating the discount.

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