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Discount Codes

Discount Codes can be used only once and only for the Registration Period for which it was created.

Discount Codes are created and managed from the Discount Center.  Click on Actions > Discounts from the Provider Dashboard for the Registration Period for which you wish to manage discount codes for.This will bring up the Discount Center.  

Discounts Codes are listed at the top of the Discount Center.  If no Discounts Codes have been created for the registration period the table will be empty.  This is also where the redemption of discount code will be tracked.  When the discount is issued the status is "Approved".  When the registrant applies the discount to an invoice the status is changed to "Completed"

Adding a New Discount

To create a new discount code click on the “+Add Discount”.

  1. Provide the email address of the recipient

  2. Status should be approved when creating the discount

  3. Provide a approved amount such as 100 and Flat for $100.00 or 100 and percent for a 100% discount.  Please be that if the registration period has a late fee and you want to grant a 100% discount then it is best to you 100% vs a flat dollar amount in case participants redeem the discount code after the late fee is applied.

  4. Leave the allowed count to 1

  5. Provide comments such as “As a volunteer you can register one of your children free.  Please use this discount code to register by MM/DD/YYYY.

Discount Types

There are two types of Discounts available:

Normal (default) - which are accounted for in the "Discount" column on the Settlement Report

Scholarship - which are accounted for in the "Assist" column on the Settlement Report.

The maximum discount given will be the balance due prior to calculating the discount.


Registration Discount Notification Email

When you click submit the atheletechs Registration System will generate a discount code and email the recipient

Recipients then click on the “Register Now” button in the email, sign into their athletechs account, complete the registration, and enter the discount code on the Payment page and click Apply.

The system will apply the discount and recalculate the balance due.

Completed Registrations

The recipient will also receive an email receipt confirming their registration.  Note the Discount amount.

Clicking My Registrations will display the My Registration page with the registration status of complete.

Tracking Discount Codes on the Settlement Report

When you run the settlement report that discounts will appear there too.

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