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League Events and Availability

The Event Center is used to add league events the schedule.

To update the schedule for a league select "Event Center" from the Actions droplist on the Registrations Dashboard.

See Registration Period Editor for how to change "athletechs season dates" such as registration Open, Close, Season Start and Season End.   

For each Event, you can provide the following information:

  • Title.  A short descriptive title of the event (e.g. Parent's Meeting)
  • Date.  The date when the event is scheduled.
  • All Day?  Indicates if the event is an all day event.  For all day events, you will not specify the start time and duration of the event. 
  • Start Time.  When the event is scheduled to start.
  • Duration.  How long is the event scheduled to last. 
  • Address.  Where is the event going to be held at.
  • Description.  Provide more in-depth details related to the event. 

If you plan on practice every Tuesday from 5pm - 6:30pm for the month of June, July and August, just add the first event and then click the "Save & Copy" link at the bottom of the page.  This will duplicate the event.  Just update the date of the event and save it.

All-Day events can be used to block off weekend tournaments or games.  Just click Add Event and then check All Day and select the start date and end date. 

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