Linking to your Google Calendar

athletechs is built on Google Apps and relies on the powerful features of Google Calendar for the storage and retrieval of events. 

If you currently don't have a Google Account (aka GMail), you can create one for free.  You can also use Google Apps for Business.  Therefore, any flavor of Google works. Click here for more information on how to create a free GMail account.

Before utilizing the Google Calendar, you must been to setup an Integration between athletechs and Google Calendar.  Like other Integrations, this is accomplished via the Third Party Integrations page. 

Click the Connect Now button to start the integration process.

You’ll then be asked to give the athletechs Registration System authorization to your Google account to access your Google Calendar. Login with your Google account details and click on ‘Allow access’.

After granting the access, you will be able to start adding events to your Google Calendar via the athletechs Registration System.

The integration with Google Calendar only needs to occur once.  

We strongly recommend that you don't modify any calendars created by athletechs directly within Google Calendar.  This could break the integration. 

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