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Verifying WePay Accounts

Your WePay Account(s) require verification in addition to the Provider Verification you performed when signing up as a provider on athletechs Registration System.

WePay uses the word "account" to describe your overall WePay login. You can think of this as your physical bank.  

Within your WePay account, you can create sub-accounts (WePay calls them "accounts").  It is into these accounts, the athletechs Registration System deposits money.  We call these accounts "Funding Accounts".  You can think of Funding Accounts like your checking account, savings account, line of credit account, mortgage account or credit card account within your physical bank.

In fact, each Funding Account is a FDIC-insured account.  

Within the athletechs Registration System, you associate each online registration period with a single Funding Account.  Some providers deposit all their collected fees into a single Funding Account, others opt to deposit collected fees into a separate Funding Account for each registration period.

If you create multiple Funding Accounts, you need to verify each Funding Account.  athletechs will send you daily emails reminding you that a Funding Account requires verification. 

Why do I need to verify my Funding Account(s)?

All US financial institutions are required by law to reasonably verify the identity of the person behind any and all Funding Accounts into which money is collected. Verification mitigates money laundering and terrorist financing.

What does verification of my Funding Account(s) mean for me?
Before you can receive payments using WePay, they ask that you provide information to help them verify your identity. In most cases, the verification process only takes a few minutes. In some cases, however, supplemental information and/or documentation is required to complete the verification process.

What information does WePay need to verify my Funding Account(s)?
WePay requires the administrator of every “personal” Account to provide his/her full name, social security number, address and phone number. WePay may also require a driver’s license number and date of birth for additional verification. 

WePay requires the administrator of every “business” or "non-profit" Account (i.e. any organization with a dedicated TaxID number) to provide legal entity name, entity type, business address and Tax ID number. 

Is my information safe?
Absolutely! Protecting your information and privacy is very important to both athletechs and WePay. 

WePay provides bank-level security for all accounts. All sensitive information is encrypted and stored in a PCI-DSS Compliant environment. WePay is ceritified daily by McAfee to protect against various online threats. Also, WePay’s privacy policy is in compliance with the standard set by TRUSTe.

Please note that athletechs does not ask for nor save any of the sensitive information regarding account verification.  WePay will not share this information with athletechs.

For more information, visit WePay's Privacy page.

What happens if I do not verify my Funding Account(s)?

You must verify your Funding Account(s) in order to access any funds. If you fail to verify your Funding Account(s), the payments received into that Account will be refunded.

athletechs sends you on a daily basis a reminder, including a link to the WePay verification process, for each Funding Account that is not yet verified.  

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