Funding Account Report

The athletechs Registration System, you can view all Funding Account associated with your Provider Account by viewing the Funding Account Report.  

The Funding Account Report is generated by clicking the "Actions" drop-down, then "Funding Accounts" from the Provider Dashboard. 

The Funding Account Report contains the name of the account along with the Account ID.  If you ever need to communicate with WePay, you should provide them this Account ID.

We indicate if each Funding Account has been verified.  If the Funding Account has not been verified, a link is provided where you can verify the Funding Account within WePay.

The Funding Account Report shows current balances for each Funding Account.  

Available. The total that have been successfully authorized and captured.  This amount can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Pending. The total that have been successfully authorized, but not yet captured. Funds may take up to 1-2 business days for funds to be made available. 

Reserved. The total held in reserve is determined by your chargeback risk and processing history with WePay.  Think of the reserve as a security deposit. After seven days, the reserved amounts are released and made available.

Withdraws.  The total that has been withdrawn into your bank account.

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