Funding Account Overview

WePay uses the word "account" to describe your overall WePay login. You can think of this as your physical bank.  

Within your WePay account, you can create sub-accounts (WePay calls them "accounts" too).  It is into these accounts, the athletechs Registration System deposits money.  We call these accounts "Funding Accounts".  

You can think of Funding Accounts like your checking account, savings account, line of credit account, mortgage account or credit card account within your physical bank.

In fact, each Funding Account is a FDIC-insured account.  

Within the athletechs Registration System, you associate each online registration period with a single Funding Account.  Some providers deposit all their collected fees into a single Funding Account, others opt to deposit collected fees into a separate Funding Account for each registration period.

If you create multiple Funding Accounts, you need to verify each Funding Account.  athletechs will send you daily emails reminding you that a Funding Account requires verification. 

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