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Creating and Linking Your WePay Account

The athletechs Registration System uses WePay as a payment processor.  WePay has the following benefits to your organization:

  • Fast Setup.  No confusing forms or applications. Accept your first registration payment today.

  • Safe and Secure. WePay maintains first-in-class security credentials. They test their system daily to protect your information.

  • Get Paid, Faster.  Collected registration fees go directly from the registrant into your FDIC-insured WePay account without ever being handled by athletechs. You don’t need to ask us for a settlement and wait for a paper. It’s your money, you can transfer the funds directly into your bank account once is it available.

  • Live Support.  If you have questions, WePay available by phone, email, or live chat.  They pride themselves on great customer service.

athletechs Registration System requires every provider open their own WePay account.  We guarantee you will love WePay as much as we do.

Creating and linking your WePay Account with the athletechs Registration System is a very simple process:

Creating a WePay Account

You will need to open another browser window so that you can refer to the following steps as you go through the process.  

  1. Please right click on the following link and select "open link in new window" 

  2. If you have questions or need assistance creating your WePay account click the "Help" link at the bottom of the register page or call WePay Customer Support at 1-855-GO-WEPAY (469-3729).  

Once you have created your WePay account your next step is to link your athletechs account with your WePay account.

Linking athletechs with your WePay Account Step-By-Step Walkthru

  1. Right click the following link select "Open link in new window" to log into your athletechs provider account:

  2. Sign into athletechs using your provider credentials. Once logged in you will be on the Provider Dashboard. 

  3. Click the Integration Button to access the Third Party Integrations dashboard.

  4. Click the Connect Now button to start the integration process.  A WePay will be displayed allowing you to choose if you want to create a new WePay account or login into an existing WePay account.

    Please Note: Only ONE WePay Account can be associated with your athletechs Provider Account AND vice-versa.  This means that you can't have two athletechs Provider Accounts using the same WePay account.

  5. Once you create the new WePay account or log into an existing WePay account, the athletechs Registration System will create a new Funding Account containing the name "General Account".  

After creating your WePay account, you will receive an email from WePay asking that you confirm your WePay Account. 

You can now immediately start to collect registration funds and have them deposited into your WePay Funding Account(s).

Next Steps

WePay requires each of the Funding Accounts created within WePay to have an additional verification process.  This is to comply with USA Banking Regulations.  

To perform the Funding Account Verification, you will need to need the following information:

WePay requires the administrator of every “personal” Funding Account to provide his/her full name, social security number, address and phone number. WePay may also require a driver’s license number and date of birth for additional verification. 

WePay requires the administrator of every “business” or "non-profit" Funding Account (i.e. any organization with a dedicated TaxID number) to provide legal entity name, entity type, business address and Tax ID number. 

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