Assigning Registrants to a Team (aka Rostering Players)

When you are in the Team Builder for an Age Group, assigning registrants to a team is a quick three step process:

  • From the teams list on the lower left of the screen, select the team that you are assigning registrants to.  When you select the team, the lower right portion of the screen updates with the current player and coaching roster for the team. 

  • Once you have the team selected, you can select one or more Unplaced Registrants from the table on the top of the screen. 

  • Click the Assign button.  The players will be assigned to the team, the player roster in the lower right is updated to reflect the assignment. 

  • NOTE:  Registrants can be sorted by click on the column and your browser's search can be used to find players in the pool.  Multiple columns can be sorted by clicking on a second column header while holding down the control or command key. 

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