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Overview of Team Builder

Team Builder allows Administrators and Age Group Coordinators to build teams and assign both the players and coaching staff to teams.  

Team Builder Dashboard

The Team Builder Dashboard groups participants by the Age Groups.  

  • You can see the number of teams for each age group, number of rostered or placed participants, and number of non-roster or not placed participants.

  • Participants are grouped by Age Groups as defined in the registration setup.  

  • If the age group is co-ed then you will see rows for Male, Female, and Both (i.e. co-ed).

  • Clicking on an Age Group brings up the Team Builder Editor for that Age Group (see below).

  • Clicking on the “Rosters are Published” button at the bottom of the page will toggle between “publishing” and “unpublishing” the rosters.  When published participants can view their team by signing into their athletechs account and clicking on My Registrations.

  • Once rosters are published players and coaches can sign into their athletechs account and see their team information by clicking on “View Team” under My Registrations (see below).  See Overview of My Registrations and Team Pages for more information.

  • Once published, teams also show up on the communication center allowing administrators to email all registered participants, an entire age group, a single team, only coaches, etc.  See Communication Center for more information.  

  • You need Team Builder or Administrator permissions to view Team Builder pages.  Please contact the program administrator to request access.

Player Roster Information Editor

Clicking on “edit jersey” for an age group on the Team Builder Dashboard will bring up the “Player Roster Information” page.

  • Administrators can quickly update player information such as jersey number and size, position

  • Administrators can also enter misc information such as check number/amount collected for season fees, volunteer deposits, etc.  

  • Clicking on an Invoice number will bring up the View/Edit Registration page.  See View/Edit Registration Overview for more information.

  • To add, update, or delete information just click on the cell in the table.  

Team Builder

Clicking on an age group from the Team Builder Dashboard will bring up the Team Builder editor for that age group.  

Team Builder Editor - Registrants Tab

  • From the “Registrants” tab administrators and quickly see any un-rostered players for the age group.

  • Voided and Canceled Registrations do NOT appear Team Builder.  

  • If a registration is Canceled or Void after being rostered the player will automatically be removed from the roster.

  • (1) Registrations “Ready to Checkout” DO appear in Team Builder and can be rostered.  A common scenario for registrations in “Ready to Checkout” are scholarship applicants waiting for their application to be reviewed.  Administrators may choose to only roster players with completed registrations.  

  • All of the Teams for the age group are listed in the lower left corner.

  • The lower right corner shows the details of the team that is currently selected.

  • To assign an unrostered player to a team simply check one or more of the un-rostered players, select a team and click the “Place Selected on Team” button.

  • To find a player in the age group click the “Player Search” button.  

  • Click the “Staff” tab edit the coaching staff for the team.

  • (4) Click “Export to Roster to CVS/Excel” to create an export of the team (see below).

  • (3) To assign a player to a different age group select the registration and update the age group from the "Edit / View Registration" page.

  • (2) If Request or Comments were entered on the registration a Yes will appear.  Hovering over the Yes will display the information on the registration.  

  • (6) To “release” or “un-roster” a player from the team select “release” from the actions drop list.

CVS/Excel Roster Export

Clicking on the “CVS/Excel Roster Export” will download a CSV/Excel file containing the roster information for the selected team.

Team Builder Editor - Volunteer Tab

From the “Volunteers” tab…

  • Administrators can see the un-rostered volunteers, position they volunteered for, the volunteer’s name, and the registrant if any they are the parent or guardian of.

  • To Assign a coach to a team select the coach and the team and click the “Assign” button.

  • To add a volunteer who did not sign up, click on the participant and add assign the volunteer.

Team Builder Editor - Waiting List Tab

The Waiting List tab will list any players who are on the waiting list but not yet registered.  

  • Waiting List Request can also be managed from the Request Center.

Team Builder Editor - Reports Tab

From the Reports tab administrators can generate a report showing all of the teams, coaches, rosters, contact information, etc for the current age group.

Team Builder Editor - Email Tab

The Team Builder Email tab allows you to email participants in the age group.

  • Use “Select Recipients” to select Unplaced participants or a specific team(s).

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