Posting to Facebook

For athletechs to post to your Facebook page, you must first provide authorization. Nothing is posted to your Facebook page without your permission. You can disable the Facebook connection at any time.

Sign into your provider account and click on the Integrations button, click the button to get started. Click ‘Allow Access’ when Facebook asks for permission to connect your account to athletechs.

athletechs only posts to Facebook Fan Pages, not to personal pages. We need to access your Facebook account to get the list of Facebook Pages that you administer.

You must use a personal Facebook account, with a profile. Business accounts (Facebook accounts with no profile) are not supported. To check, go to and look in the top blue bar. If you see your name and a small profile picture to the left of it, then you are using a personal account and it should work with athletechs.

If you have questions with connecting to your Facebook Fan Page, please let us know at

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