How to Email All Registered Participants

It is recommended that when registrations close, Administrators send an email to all registered participants confirming that they are registered and reminding them of when the season starts and next steps.

Note:  Inactive registrants will NOT be emailed.  

To email all registered participants, sign into athletechs and click on the Admin link in the upper right, select the organization from the Administrators Menu and then select "Communication Center" from the actions droplist of the program you want to email.

On the Communication Center Dashboard click "New Communication", and enter a subject and body.  Then from the Registration Segment check the boxes of who to send the communication to such as Males and Females, etc.

Select "Email" in the Publish To section to email the announcement out and optionally select "Registration Flyer" to post the announcement on the Updates tab of the program.

And click "Send Now" to send the email.

If you need help clicking the "Need Help?" link in the upper right corner of the page will take you the athletechs knowledge containing more helpful articles and videos on how to use the Communication Center.

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