Handling Scholarship Requests

As an Administrator you will get an email notification whenever a Scholarship is requested.  The subject of this email is "Scholarship Request" and contains the details of the scholarship request and a link to the "Request Dashboard".

To process the scholarship request click the "Request Dashboard" link.  This link will prompt you to sign into athletechs.  Sign in using your athletechs username and password.  

You can also get to the "Request Dashboard" by signing into your athletechs account and clicking on the requests count link column for the registration period from the "Registration Dashboard".  The request counts are listed as open/total, so 0/2 means there are no pending requests and two total requests.

The "Request Dashboard" displays all of the requests grouped by Refund, Scholarships, Waiting List, Discounts and Invites along with registrant information and the status of the request. 

To approve a scholarship request go to the Scholarship Request details page change the status to approved, change the approved amount to a Flat dollar amount or percentage, and set the approved amount to the dollar amount or percentage.  Optionally provide external comments and internal comments and click submit.

NOTE:  Like background checks, athletechs does NOT "qualify" applicants.  The system just takes the request and tracks it's status.  It is up to the organization to determine whether or not to grant the request.

Once submitted the applicant will receive an email notification with instructions on how to register.

See "Registering with an Invite Code" for details on how recipients register.

Please see Request Center Overview for more information on the Request Center.

  • A scholarship approval can be resent
  • In the case where the applicant is the parent or guardian and not the participant, the parent/guardian will be able to register her child despite the fact that they did not have his or her name on the application.

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