Handling Refund Requests

As a provider you will get an email notification whenever a Refund is requested (see Requesting a Refund for more information on participants request a refund).  The subject of this email is "Refund Request" and contains the details of the refund request and a link to the Request Dashboard.

If you receive a refund request via any other means (aka Outside the System) then you will not receive an email notification and the refund will not appear on the Request Dashboard.  Refund requests received outside of the system do not always have all of the information needed to process the request, such as participant name, program, etc. but can still be processed using the Veiw / Edit Registration page.

To process a refund request click the Request Dashboard link in the refund request notification email.  This link will prompt you to sign into athletechs.  Sign in using your provider name and password.  

You can also get to the Request Dashboard by signing into your athletechs provider account and clicking on the requests count link column for the registration period from the Registration Dashboard.

The Request Dashboard displays all of the requests grouped by Refund, Scholarships, Waiting List, Discounts and Invites along with registrant information and the status of the request. 

To approve a refund request, select "View" from the action menu of the request.  The Refund Request page is displayed.  The Refund Request page shows details of the request including the transaction history. 

When processing a refund the system calculates the refundable amount and whether or not the refund can be processed electronically by crediting the credit card used to provide payment.

As an example, if the registration fee was $100 and no fees have been previously refunded then the refundable amount is $100.  But if $75 has already been refunded for this registration, then the refundable amount would be $25.

The majority of the time a refund can be processed electronically but only if (1) there are enough funds available in the Funding Account, (2) there is a refundable amount (see example above) and (3) the registration occurred in the past 60 days.  Otherwise, you will need to "Issue a Paper Refund".

To issue a refund and credit the registrant's credit card, enter the Refund Amount, a comment (e.g. "Your refund has been approved and a full refund has been credited to your credit card.  Please allow 5 business days for this to post to your account.") and optionally select "Inactivate Registration". 

Selecting "Inactivate Registration" will mark the registration as Inactive indicating that the participant's registration is no long eligible to participate.  This is typically the case if you issue a refund.  Inactive registration appear on the "Inactive" tab of the Registrations page.  Inactive registrations do not receive updates sent via the Communication Center.

Note:  When a full 100% refund is issued and the registration is canceled no service charges are applied.

By selecting "Issue Paper Refund" indicates that the registrant's credit card will not be credited but that a paper check other some other form of payment will be made.  It is up to the provider to actually make payment in this case.  In this case you would want to indicate this in the comments (e.g. "You can expect to receive check #123 for $65.00 in the mail within 5 business days.").  The registrant's mailing address is available on the View Registration Page.

Refunds issued outside of the system such as "Issue Paper Refunds" will appear in the "Refund-OS" column of the Settlement Report.

An email notification is sent to the registrant notifying when the refund has been completed.

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