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Request Center Overview

Your registrants may submit requests before, during or after the online registration period.  The requests managed by the athletechs Registration System include:

  • Scholarship Requests
  • Waiting List Requests
  • Refund Requests
  • Invite Requests
The Request Center provides a central location within the athletechs Registration System where you can view, review and action the requests associated with a Registration Period.

You get to the Request Center from the Provider Dashboard.  From the Provider Dashboard click on the Actions drop list for a registration period and select "Requests".

The Request Center shows one row for each Request.  To perform an action (e.g. approve) or view more details associated with the request, click on the edit link. Each Request row shows:

  • Type of Request
  • Invoice Number, if available
  • Date of Request
  • Registrant Name or Email Address
  • Age Group, if available
  • Code
  • Status

Requests within the athletechs Registration System may have one of the following statuses:

  • New, the request has been submitted but it has not been actioned
  • Approved, the request has been approved but it not been completed by the registrant.  For example, after a Scholarship Request has been approved the registrant needs to complete a registration for the request to be marked completed.
  • Completed, the request has been approved and completed by the registrant. 
  • Decline, the request has been reviewed and declined.

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