Registration Period Financial Reports

The Registration Period Report Center provides reports related to the finances for a Registration Period.  

Settlement Report

The Settlement Report contains a summary, at the invoice level, of all financial transactions occurring within a Registration Period.  

Note:  athletechs fees appear on the Settlement report as "Tx Fee" $2.20 and "Srv Chg" of $XX.XX.  Totaling these two columns up will equal the $2.50 + 2.9%.  See WePay fees for more information.

Open Balance Report

The Open Balance Report contains all invoices for a Registration Period that have an open or unpaid balance.

Registrations in "Ready to Checkout" status appear on both the Settlement Report and the Open Balance Report.  Registration in "Ready to Checkout" status appear on the Settlement Report with a Collected and Gross amount of 0.00.

Refunds that required a check be cut appear on the Settlement Report under the "Refund-OS" column.  Refunds issued within the system appear under the "Refund" column.

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