Registration Period Volunteers Reports

The Report Center provides canned reports related to the Volunteer Needs section on the Registration Period Editor for a Registration Period.  

These reports are very similar to each other, they just sort and group the Volunteer Pool differently.

These reports show contact information, Background Check Status (BC Status), Concussion

Certificate Status (CC Status), position, and overall status of the volunteer application.

Volunteer Status:

  • Interested

  • Selected

  • Withdrew

Volunteer Pool By Volunteer

This report orders the volunteer pool by the last name of the volunteer.  The report indicates all the positions that the volunteer has expressed interest in fulfilling.  

Volunteer Pool By Opportunity

This report sorts the volunteer pool by the volunteer positions.  The report groups all the volunteers by the positions.

Both reports indicate the name of the volunteer, the position they are
interested in, their contact information, the relevant registration.

Volunteer Responses Report

This report shows the responses to the Volunteer Questions listed on the Registration Period Editor such as “Coaches Shirt Size”, etc.  

Selected Volunteer Report

Compliance Report

The Volunteer Compliance Report shows the overall compliance for Background Checks and Concussion Certifications.  

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