Registration Period Report Center

The Registration Period Report Center provides reports related to the registrations, volunteers, teams, and financial data collected for each Registration Period.  Only Registration Period Administrators and Provider Administrators have access to the Registration Period Report Center.

To access the Registration Period Report Center from the Provider Dashboard, select "Report Center" from the actions droplist of the registration you want to run the registration report for.

Creating Custom Registration Reports

To create a custom, click the “Design New Report” button from the Registration Report Center.  This will bring up the Report Template Editor.  From the Report Template Editor, name the report, select the columns for the report, and click Save.

Editing Custom Reports

To add/remove columns or rename a custom report click on the report name.  This will display the “Report Template Editor”.

Running  and Exporting Reports

To run a report simply click PDF or Excel.  This will run and download the report to your local filesystem.  

The registration report will display the registration title, name of the registration period, and the date the report was generated.

Registration Reports

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Volunteer Reports

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Team Reports

See Registration Period Team Reports for more information.

Financial Reports

See Registration Period Financial Reports for more information.

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