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Understanding Registration Statuses

Once a registration has been submitted via the athletechs Registration Wizard, the registration has one of the following statuses:

  • Active
    • Complete
    • Balance Due
    • Processing Payment
  • Inactive
    • Ready to Checkout
    • Canceled
    • Void

Active registration appear on the Active tab of the Registration Dashboard and Inactive Registrations appear on the Inactive tab. 

The Registration statuses appear on Reports and the Registration Details.


Registrations with a status of Complete have successfully completed the registration and payment has been collected. 

Processing Payment

Registrations with a status of Processing Payment have successfully completed the registration and payment details have been submitted.  However, the payment has not cleared.  Registrations may stay in this status for up to 48 hours following the registration. 

Ready to Checkout

Registrations with a status of Ready to Checkout have provided the registration information, but have not provided payment.  Registrations in this state are NOT "registered".  Daily reminder emails are sent to these registrants prompting them to complete their registration by providing payment. 

Balance Due

Registrations with a status of Balance Due have completed the registration and partial payment has been collected.   Typically, this occurs when the registration is associated with a payment plan or the collection of post-registration transactions such as team fees or tournament fees. 


Registrations with a status of Canceled have been refunded and the registration has been inactivated.

Registrations that are "Ready for Checkout" may be canceled or voided.

Canceled registrations appear on reports whereas voided registrations do not.


Registrations with a status of Void do not appear on reports. 

Members can void Registrations that are in "Ready To Checkout" status by clicking the void link on the Check Out page (i.e. remove the Registration from their shopping cart).

Once any financial transaction occurs, the registration can no longer be voided.

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