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Best Practices

Here are some best practices to help you set up an awesome registration period that your registrants will love:

  • Keep it Short.  People don't read on the internet.  They skim.  Rather than paragraphs in your abstract, consider bullet points highlighting key concepts.

  • Don't Repeat Yourself.  Don't have your season schedule in multiple places, put it in one place and update it only once, you know it will happen.  If you put information in multiple 

  • Know Your Key Deadlines.  When do shirts need to be ordered, when do fields need to be booked, when do umpires need to be scheduled?  Work back from these dates to give you enough breathing room.

  • Communicate Frequently. We suggest weekly or communication on a regular basis with your registrants.  Let them know how the season planning is coming and share with them any updates you may have.  The registrants love keeping informed and this reduces panic and number of phone calls/emails as the season kicks off. 

  • Keep on top of the incoming Requests.

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