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Setting Up Your Organization's Policies

The athletechs Registration System allows for you to define and publish key organizational policies that are applied to all online registrations.  

You can define the following policies:

  • Refund Policy
  • Scholarship Policy
  • Volunteer Background Check Policy
  • Concussion Certification Policy
  • Registration Consents (one or more)

You edit the policies via your Provider Dashboard, selecting Actions > Policies.

Refund Policy

It is important to inform registrants of your organization's refund policy. This information is presented to the registrant during the registration process and when they request a refund. 

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[Link to What the Registrants See?]

Scholarship Policy 

Several organizations offer some form of registration scholarships (i.e. financial assistance) to make their activities available to all regardless of current financial status. If your organization does this, please select "Yes, we offer scholarships" toggle button.  Once you have indicated that your organization accepts scholarship applications, you may provide your policy.

Scholarship policies are set up at the provider level.  So if offer scholarships for some, but not all of the programs that you offer, indicate that this is the case in your scholarship policy and then add a note in the abstract indicating "scholarships funds are NOT available for this program".  Then if someone still applies for a scholarship for that program, simply decline the application stating that "scholarship funds are NOT available for this program."

[Link to What the Registrants See?]

Volunteer Background Check Policy

Do you require background checks for your volunteers?  Enter your policy.  The background check policy is presented to volunteers when they express an interest in volunteering. 

Concussion Certification Policy

Similar to  the background check policy, if you require concussion certifications for your volunteers, enter your policy.  The concussion certification policy is presented to volunteers when they express an interest in volunteering. 

Registration Consents (one or more)

You can enter your own legal waiver content.  Registrants are required to accept this waiver when registering. 

You can enter multiple registration consents if you need.  

The registration consent(s) entered here will be required on every online registration.  Each individual registration may also add their own additional consents if needed.  

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