Granting Administrative Rights (aka Permissions or Privilege)

Providers of any size typically have more than one person administering their online registrations, teams and volunteers.

The provider may wish to delegate administration of the individual registration periods.  In addition the provider may want to also delegate the creation of teams to division/age group coordinators.

With Permissions in the athletechs Registration System, you are able to grant other athletechs member accounts the necessary privileges to perform these various administrative tasks.

In order to grant others permissions they must first create an athletechs member account.  To create an athletechs member account click the Create Account link on the sign in page.

The athletechs Registration System supports the following permission roles:

  • Administrator - Full Access

  • Background Checks - Access to Background Checks

  • Financial - Access to Financial Reports

  • Team Builder - Access to Team Builder, Profile Search, Registrations and Reports

  • Communication - Access to Communication Center

These roles can be applied to either a single registration period or all registration periods.  Any permission granted can also be revoked if needed.

The data and allowed actions shown on the various administrative dashboards within the athletechs Registration System is limited to the role and registration periods a user is granted.

Permissions can be granted at the provider level or registration period level.  To access the Provider Permissions Dashboard select "Permissions" from the actions droplist on the provider dashboard.  To access the Registration Period Permissions Dashboard select "Permissions" from the actions droplist for the registration period listed on the provider dashboard.  The Provider Permissions Dashboard allows for managing permissions for all registration periods.  While the Registration Period Permissions Dashboard only allows for managing permissions for the selected registration period.

Permissions can only be assigned to an existing athletechs userid.  If the person who you are granting permissions to does not already have an athletechs account, you will need to ask them to create one.  See Searching for a Profile Tab for more information on how to look up accounts.

To grant an account permissions, click on the Add Permissions button.  The Permissions Editor page will be displayed prompting for a username, role, and registration period.  If the username provided does not exist you will get an input validation error.  Use the  Searching for a Profile Tab to double-check the username of the account.

When the permissions are granted athletechs emails the member a notification informing them of the newly assigned privileges (See athletechs Admin Permissions Granted Email Notification).

When an athletechs user with administrative permissions signs into the athletechs Registration System, they will see an "Admin" menu option.  From this menu option, the user will be able to navigate to the dashboards and Online Registration Periods they have permission to access.

To edit or revoke permissions, click edit or remove from the action droplist of the user.

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