Searching for a Profile or Registration

There are a couple of ways to find a profile or registration.  

The most common way to search for a profile is from the Profile Search tab on the Registration Dashboard.

Another way to find a profile is to look up the registration from the Registrations page for the program.  

NOTE:  The "Recent Registrations" tab on the Provider Dashboard only lists "recent" registrations.  So if the participant registered recently they will appear on this tab but if they did not register within the past week the will NOT appear on this tab.  

To find a profile or registration information for a registered participant, from the Provider Dashboard click the number listed in the Total Counts column.  This will take you to the Registrations page for the program.  The columns on the registrations table are clickable.  Click on the "Registrant" column to sort the registrations by name and scroll down to the registrant or type <Control> + F to use the browser's text search.

To view profile information for a registration, click on the clickable Invoice number.  This will open the Registrations Details page containing the registration details and profile information.  

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