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Creating and Verifying Your athletechs Provider Account

Most visitors want to create an athletechs family account so that they can register their son or daughter for sports and extra-curricular activities.  But, if you are a coach or organization hosting the event then you will need to create a "Provider Account".

To create an athletechs Provider account go to

After you create your Provider Account, we will send a Verification email to the primary email address that you provided during the signup process. 

This Verification email contains a system-generated password for you to log into the athletechs Registration System for the first time. 

The Verification email contains a link allowing you to sign into the athletechs Registration System using the system-generated password.  

Once you first sign into the system, you are prompted to change your password to something of your choosing. 

After successfully changing your password, you are taken to the Provider Dashboard.

From your Provider Dashboard, you can manage all aspects of your organization.  

We recommend that your next steps are:

  • Create a WePay Account
  • Integrated with your Google Calendar
  • Provide additional details about your organization - logos, policies, integration with social media

Then, most importantly, setup an Online Registration Period to start accepting registrations immediately. 


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