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Welcome to the Team [Video]

When your organization publishes teams you will receive a "Welcome to the Team" email with a link to your Team Page.  

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Your Team Page is the first place to look for information about your team.  To access your team page sign into your athletechs account, click on My Teams and then select one of your teams from the list.

athletechs Team Pages allow participants and staff to...

Emailing Your Team

  • Anyone on the team can post a message to the team wall.  
  • Or email in updates by sending an email to your team's email address.  Your team's email address is displayed at the bottom of your team page and looks something like
  • Tip!  Add your Team's email address to your contacts on your phone so you can easily email your team from any device.


  • Click the “Export Roster to CSV/Excel” to download the team roster.
  • Team email notifications are sent to the contact information for players and staff as listed on the roster.
  • If you are not receiving team email notifications please review your roster information and update your family's profile information via the My Account page.  Please see Not getting Emails? See "How To Manage Your Email Notification Preference"s for more information.

Tip!  Call or txt anyone on your team from anywhere on any device.  When accessing your team page from your phone, click on a phone number and you will be prompted to call or txt that person.


  • Use the availability buttons to indicate which events you will be able to attend.
  • Click on the "more details" link to see the "Event Details & Availability" page containing all of the information about the event such as date, time, current weather forecast, location and driving directions.
  • Use the "Share via SMS or Email" links to share the "Event Details & Availability" page with friends and family.
  • Click on an event to bring up driving directions and a map and the "Event Availability Report" listing who will be attending the event. 
  • If you are a member of the team's staff you will also see links to edit exiting events and add new events.
  • Click on My Schedule to view your athletechs family's schedule.
  • Click on My Schedule for information on how to sync your athletechs family schedule to your phone.
  • Click on My Schedule customize your event email notification preferences.
Team is not listed on My Team Page
If the team you are looking for is not listed, please double-check that you are signed in with the same account that you used to register.  If you have multiple accounts the username you registered under is listed in the receipt that you received when completing your registration.   

Only active teams appear on the My Team page.  Once the season is over the team will no longer appear.

Admin (Staff Only)

If you are a member of the team's staff you will see an Admin tab that allows you access to run various reports

Q)  Why did I get the welcome to the team email several times?
A)  The Welcome to the Team email is sent to everyone on the roster, just like team updates.  Emails are sent to a person, but if that person does not have any emails listed on their profile then the email will be sent to every email address listed on the account.  

If you are a parent coach, then you will also receive a copy of the email.  In this case double-check the salutation to see if the email was sent to you or your child.

The other thing to consider is if you have email forwarding set up on any of your email accounts.  Double-check the to address of the email.

Please see Not getting Emails? See "How To Manage Your Email Notification Preference"s for more information.  

Need Help?

If you need help or more information about Team Pages or any other feature in athletechs, just click the “Need Help?” link in the upper right corner of any athletechs page. 

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