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Overview of Waiting Lists

If the program has a waiting list, participants will be prompted to sign up for the waiting list after registrations close or the program reaches capacity rather than being allowed to complete their registration.

The application will receive both an email notification confirming that they have been added to the waiting list and the waiting list request will appear on the "Open Requests" tab of the My Registrations page with a status of (Pending).

When the program administrator reviews the waiting list, they can approve or deny the requests.  Administrators, please see "Handling Waiting List Requests" for more information on how to process waiting list requests.

If denied the applicant will be notified that their waiting list request has been denied.  

If approved the applicant will receive an email notification that their waiting list request has been approved and requesting that they "Register Now".  Please see "Waiting List Request Approved, Register Now!" for instructions on how to complete your waiting list registration.  

NOTE:  Waiting List applicants are NOT Registered and therefore do not appear on the Registrations page, in Team Builder, or on the Registration Report.

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