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Requesting a Scholarship (VIDEO)

Some programs offer scholarships for participants in need of financial assistance.

Programs that do offer scholarships will define the information they need to process the scholarship application and their scholarship policy.

To view and apply for a scholarship program, click the "Scholarship Policy" link located in the lower left of the Flyer tab for the program page.  

A window will appear indicating whether or not scholarships are available.  If scholarships are offered a link will be shown in the footer of the window allowing you to apply for a scholarship.

You will need to have an athletechs account in order to apply for a scholarship.  To apply for a scholarship click on the "Apply For Scholarship" link, sign in, and provide the scholarship application information (NEVER PROVIDE ANY PRIVATE OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION SUCH AS CREDIT CARD, PASSWORDS, SSN, BANKING INFORMATION, ETC.).  Also indicate which family members you are requesting a scholarship for.  If approved the invite code for the scholarship will only work for to register the person listed as the applicant name.

If you need a scholarship for multiple registrations, you must apply for each registration on that programs' page.  

Once your application is submitted you will receive an email notification confirming your submission and the scholarship request will appear under the Open Request tab on the My Registrations page.

The provider will review your application and let you know the outcome.  Please note that providers have different processes for reviewing the applications and the time to respond may vary, please be patient.

Please use the "Contact" link next to the scholarship request on the My Registrations page to contact the provider regarding any updates or questions regarding the scholarship request.

You will receive an email notification when your scholarship has been reviewed, notifying you of next steps.  

If your scholarship is approved, you will receive a discount code that can be applied to the balance of the registration.  The discount code may be either a percentage (50%) or a flat amount ($25).  The amount of the scholarship granted, if any, is solely at the discretion of the provider. Enter this discount code at checkout when registering.  The discount code provided is only valid for the applicant listed on the scholarship request.

Once the applicant complete the scholarship the request status will be updated to complete.

Applicants do not need to be registered to request a scholarship but they do need to have an account.  Most often applicants are not registered prior to requesting a scholarship.  But if the applicant is already registered for the program that they are requesting a scholarship for, then a refund can be issues.


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