My Account - Updating Your Account Password, Mailing Address, and Emergency Contact, Contact Information, and Account Profiles

Your account represents your family's identity within the athletechs Registration System.  Your account may contain a profile for each family member. 

When you first created your athletechs Account, it created a 'primary' Profile.  

You can manage your athletechs Account via the "My Account" link in the main menu bar. 

From the "My Account" page, you are able to edit the following attributes:

  • Mailing Address.  This represents the USPS mailing address for your family's household.  The zip code is important as this controls the registrations that appear in the Registration Directory when you first sign into athletechs.

  • Emergency Contact.  This represents who should be contacted in the case of emergency if either of the parent/guardians can not be reached. 

  • Account Password.  You may change your athletechs password.

Account Profiles

The "My Account" page lists each of the profiles associated with your account.  Each profile, the following is shown:

  • Person Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Grade (for the current school year)

Clicking on the name of a person allows you to edit the profile.  

Clicking the "Add Person" button allows you to add a new profile.

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